It all started about 20 years ago. I had finished school and wanted to pursue my dreams
of being in retail. I had grown up playing hide and seek under the racks of clothing in Mum and Dad's retail stores and knew I was destined for this path.

My Dad, like all dads, told me I had to explore all options and work for other people.
After 5 years of hospitality and travel, Dad took me on as his apprentice selling ladies wear to retail stores across country NSW. For 5 years we worked together and I had
so many life changing experiences.

Then came marriage and kids and my career needed a change, so my brother
and I decided to open Kendal Clothing! 10 years have past and I am still as passionate about it today. My biggest rewards are making women look and feel beautiful about themselves. Because after all, we deserve it!

Kendal x